Travel arrangements

Travel conditions (arranged travel)

This trip is a trip arranged by Trang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), and customers who participate in this trip will enter into an arrangement travel agreement with the Company.
The contents of the travel contract • The conditions are based on the website, e-mail, this travel agreement, and our travel agreement.

About application method and contract conclusion

1. Fill in the required information on the application screen provided by the Company and submit it.

2. The contract is concluded when the Company sends a notice of consent (reservation confirmation) by e-mail and arrives at the traveler.

About application fee

In principle, there is no need for an application fee for using this system, but if it is specified separately by each transportation organization, it will take precedence.


About payment of travel price

1.Pay the travel fee to the driver when boarding the transportation organization (taxi company).
2. The receipt will be issued by the transportation organization (taxi company).


When canceling the contract

We may cancel your travel contract in the following cases:

1. 30 minutes after the reservation is confirmed, even if the reservation is completed within 24 hours of the pick-up time and the transportation company (taxi) company has contacted the registered telephone number or e-mail address If you can not contact the confirmation within the customer.
2. 12 hours before the pick-up time even though the reservation was made 24 hours prior to the pick-up time and the transportation company (taxi) company contacted the registered telephone number or e-mail address If you can not contact the customer by confirmation.
3. When it is found that the customer does not satisfy the age, qualifications and other conditions of participating travelers specified in advance by the Company.
4. When the customer is deemed to be unable to withstand the travel provided by the Company due to illness, absence of necessary helpers, or other reasons.
5. When the customer demands a burden that exceeds the reasonable scope of the contract.
6.If a catastrophe, war, riot, suspension of the provision of travel services such as transportation, an order of a public office, or any other reason that cannot be involved with the Company occurs, travel in accordance with the travel itinerary stated in the contract When safe and smooth implementation is impossible, or when it is extremely probable that it will be impossible.


When stopping operation

Operation may be suspended for the following reasons.



















Despite having made a reservation, if it is deemed that you did not take a taxi without canceling your application, you may be refused to log in due to Tran Corporation.



Cancellations after booking must be paid according to the cancellation fee set by the transportation organization (taxi company).


What is included in the travel price

Taxi costs (fuel costs, driver labor costs) and consumption tax.


What is not included in the travel price

Except for the preceding paragraph, it is not included in the travel price. Some examples are shown below.

1. Parking fee, toll road fee, round-trip toll, ferry fee, etc. if necessary depending on the route.

2. Admission fees, meals (excluding meal plans), personal expenses.



If it is deemed to be malicious (including unauthorized ride), Tran Co., Ltd. may refuse to log in, delete your membership registration, or refuse to use other services. If there is any unused reservation by the member, the reservation will be canceled.


Travel Conditions and Travel Fee Standards

These travel conditions are based on October 16, 2008. Travel prices are based on the fares and rules in effect as of October 16, 2008.